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Guitar Amps

Guitar amps are an important part of sound formation for both electric and acoustic guitars. Acoustic guitars, of course, are capable of creating a good sound without the use of an amplifier system.

Many musicians still choose acoustic models with built-in pickups (or attachable pickups) in order to project or change the sound produced by their guitars. Electric guitars are virtually useless without an amplification system.

Bass Guitar Amps

Bass guitar amps have always been an integral part of the bass guitar. The original inspiration for the bass guitar, the stand up double bass, depended on its great size to generate its low tones throughout a room, adding the rhythm and tonnage to the musical pieces it was involved in.

With the development of the bass guitar, not only was the size eliminated but so too was the hollow body needed to generate the tones. Without amplification, it would be almost impossible to hear the notes of the bass.

Today’s bass player also knows that playing without an amp can mean some serious miscalculations about the style one is playing, as practicing without an amp sounds much different than playing while hooked up.

Keyboard Amps

The advent of the keyboard meant a revolution in the amplification industry. Until keyboard amps came into demand, the main amplification process in music was through various guitar amps. However, piano players who were interested in incorporating a larger sound through the electronic keyboard soon realized that using amps can be the answer.

Power Amps

One important concept in the age of electronic music is the use of the amplifier. Amplifiers are needed to send the sound created by an instrument out into the air where an audience or the player can hear it. In order to accomplish this, amplifier systems have been invented.

There are dozens of different kinds of amplifier systems, from those found in instruments to those found in stereos and public announcement systems. Specific instruments often have an amp that is designed for them, such as a guitar amp, a bass amp, or a keyboard amp.