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When it comes to finding the best guitar to learn on, you should really look into a few factors. Playing the guitar is an art and note should be carefully crafted using an instrument that emphasizes your strong points. Let’s take a look at some key points to consider when deciding on the best guitar to learn on.


As a general rule of thumb, choose the highest quality guitar that you can while still staying within your budget. If you are a beginner, you may be leaning towards the option of spending as little as possible. While this wouldn’t be a bad choice, you shouldn’t feel afraid of spending your money on good quality guitars.

Poorly constructed guitars are hard to learn on and can make the process appear much harder than it really is. The best guitar to learn on should be easy to play and allow the guitarist to fully grasp and understand the instrument. Epiphone, Fender, Ibanez, and Yamaha have all been known to produce high quality instruments for beginners and they are budget friendly.

Acoustic vs. Electric

When it comes to choose the best guitar to learn on, the next major question is, should I purchase an acoustic or electric? In general, most newbies start on the acoustic guitar and work their way up to electric ones. This isn’t a rule but it definitely helps in terms of transitioning- since acoustic guitars are harder to play. And since they don’t have an amplifier, every note that you play needs to be pressed down and strummed harder than an electric.

Some top acoustics range between $100 and $500 and beginners would feel completely comfortable with them. They usually come with:

  • Guitar
  • Tuner
  • Holding Case
  • Learning Manuel
  • Strap

Electric guitars are much, easier to play so they would be widely recognized as the best guitar to learn on. You don’t need a lot of experience to sound like a pro on an electric guitar. Fender and Ibanez product amazing electric guitars and their products come with a holding bag, strap, tuner, picks, and an amplifier. Amplifiers are used to help increase the magnitude of the guitars sound through a large speaker.

And since the strings are so easy to press down on an electric, your fingers shouldn’t have any problems in terms of being sore.

Other Considerations

The best guitar to learn on heavily depends on your style. If your style happens to be jazz then you’ll probably want to stay away from electric guitars. Likewise, if you are thinking about starting a band or playing crazy solos, then an acoustic guitar wouldn’t be ideal for making this happen.

Understand that the concept behind the best guitar is completely subjective. If playing guitar is only a hobby then invest in a nice acoustic guitar. They are perfect for social gatherings, and since you don’t need electricity, they can be played almost anywhere. So choose wisely and choose something that you can afford.