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Friday, May 29th 2020.

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Gear Musician offers a full line of drum and percussion books, videos, dvds and vhs for sale online as well as bass guitar amplifiers, amp heads and cabinets by the major manufacturers in the industry such as ampeg, crate, eden, hartke, swr, peavey, fender, gallien kruger and more.

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Hal Leonard Chad Smith Eastern Rim Drum Instruction 2-Dvd Set
Chad Smith: Eastern Rim is a jam-packed 2-DVD set from Hal Leonard that includes performance footage, insightful drum clinic material, touring diaries, and interviews with the Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer himself.Features include:Drum Clinics: Chad demon



Hal Leonard Modern School For Snare Drum Book
The book, Modern School for Snare Drum of 54 progressive solos and duets makes performing easier on the snare! Part 1 offers well-graded exercises to improve playing skills, and Part 2 covers all percussion instruments, helping percussion groups develop a



Hal Leonard 12 Progressive Solos For Snare Drum Book
12 Progressive Solos for Snare Drum by Morris Goldenberg gives the percussionist easy to difficult arrangements of snare drum solos that have long been standards on contest lists. These snare solos give you excellent practice material!



Alfred The Weaker Side By Dom Famularo And Stephane Chamberland Drum Book
This drum instruction book, The Weaker Side, addresses the common problem of proportionally unequal abilities between a drummer's dominant and weaker muscle sets in drumming technique. The strategic exercises are designed to develop the under-used muscles



Hal Leonard Metallica...And Justice For All Drum Book
Drum transcriptions to every song from Metallica's blockbuster ...And Justice For All album, plus complete drum setup diagrams, and background notes on Lars Ulrich's drumming style. 72-page book.



Hal Leonard Metallica - Ride The Lightning Drum Book
Matching folio to Metallica's second album gives you note-for-note drum transcriptions for "Creeping Death," "Fade To Black," "For Whom the Bell Tolls," "Fight Fire with Fire," "Trapped Under Ice," "Escape," "Call of Ktulu," and "Ride the Lightning."



Hal Leonard Paradiddle Power Drum Book
Written by the founder, publisher, & editor of Modern Drummer magazine, Paradiddle Power is a unique drum book exploring the many applications of single, double, and triple paradiddles around the drumset, designed to increase drummers' speed, creativity,



Hudson Music Code Of Funk Drum Book With Cd And Dvd-Rom
This cutting-edge book and audio package brings the drumming of David Garibaldi and the music of Tower of Power to your practice room and provides an in-depth look at the concepts that David uses to create his futuristic, yet old-school grooves. The 80-PA



Alfred Green Day Ultimate Drum Book And Play-Along Cd
Alfred's Ultimate Pay-Along series gives you everything you need to jam with your favorite songs. The Green Day Ultimate Play-Along books feature authentic, artist-approved drum music and notation transcriptions of various hit songs from the Grammy award-



The Drum Channel Brain Has Made The Worst Drum Instructional Dvd Ever
Bryan "Brain" Mantia is known for his drumming for Primus, Guns n' Roses, and Godflesh; and with Tom Waits, Buckethead, and others. Brain has made the worst, or possibly the best, drum instructional DVD ever. His follow-up to the cult favorite, Brain Less



Alfred 14 Modern Contest Solos For Snare Drum Book
From Alfred, 14 Modern Contest Solos for Snare Drum, utilizes all 26 of the standard American drum rudiments, their variations, and a number of compound rudiments to establish the countless possibilities available within their bounds. This interesting lib



Alfred Simple Steps To Snare Drum Book
For the beginning percussionist, expert instruction in the rudiments of the snare drum. Detail-oriented, teaching the specific skills for the instrument.


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