Groove Boxes And Midi Sequencers For Sale

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Tuesday, June 02nd 2020.

Groove Boxes And Midi Sequencers For Sale

Gear Musician offers a full line of groove boxes and midi sequencers for sale online as well as amp heads and cabinets by the major manufacturers in the industry such as ampeg, crate, eden, hartke, swr, peavey, fender, gallien kruger and more.


Arturia Beatstep Controller & Sequencer
Arturia's BeatStep is a portable pad controller that offers full functionality and performance capability. BeatStep can quickly integrate with software including Ableton Live, BFD, EZdrummer and more. You can also use BeatStep as a 16-step analog sequence



Arturia Beatstep Pro Controller & Sequencer
BeatStep Pro is your main performance hub to gear of the future, and classic hardware of years past. Designed for hands-on hardware sequencing, BeatStep Pro combines two fully independent melodic sequencers with up to 64 steps per sequence, and one drum s



Arturia Keystep Controller And Sequencer
KeyStep is a new breed of portable musical tool combining the functionalities of a keyboard controller with a polyphonic step sequencer to control both analog and digital devices.Slimkey keybed with velocity and aftertouch Arpeggiator mode features up, do



Roland Mc-707 Groovebox
The MC-707 GROOVEBOX has everything you need to create a song or perform a live set without a computer. Immerse yourself in eight tracks of recording, sequencing, synthesizers, and effects, plus a curated palette of sounds, loops, and phrases. Record audi



Roland Mc-101 Groovebox
Produce and perform music anywhere, anytime, without clutter or complications. The MC-101 has the sequencing, sounds, and effects of the professional MC-707, in a compact four-track version. It has the highest quality Roland sounds and churns out massive



Elektron Model:Cycles 6-Track Fm-Based Groovebox
The Elektron Model:Cycles is a six track FM-based groovebox. It brings exploration into the heart of sound sculpting. With six unique Machines in one lightweight unit, you can effortlessly mold rhythm and melody using instant, tactile controls.Define the


guitar capo
Only $14.49

black guitar strap
Only $12.99

finger weights
Only $84.99

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