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Whether you want to be the next Jimi Hendrix or simply want a new hobby, learning the electric guitar can be a lot of fun. However, there is a lot to consider before buying an electric guitar. This article will be your guide and help you learn about what to expect when purchasing your next instrument.

Body Style

Every electric guitar has a distinct style- and so do you. Make sure that you choose something that suits who you are as a musician. There are three kinds of bodies you could consider:

  • Solid Body– These are the most common bodies for electric guitars. They come in a variety of styles and don’t have any acoustic restrictions.
  • Semi Hollow– These electric guitars tend to have darker, rounder sounds. Their centers are wooden and they have large chambers in them that helps minimize feedback. Some guitarists prefer them over solid body models.
  • Hollow Body– Buying an electric guitar that has hollow body is perfect for guitarists who specialize in jazz. Hallow body models can be played with or without amplifiers so they are a bit more versatile than solid or semi hollow bodies.


Almost every electric guitar you encounter will have 22 frets. But this can be a problem if you would like to play in higher octaves. This is where buying an electric guitar with 24 frets will be an ideal solution. It will help make your sound more diverse and versatile.


Most electric guitars will come with an amp. But you need to consider that there are different amps and some do sound a lot better than others. Plus, you need to consider what kind of audience you’ll be playing for. For example, you’ll want a larger amp if you’re playing for a crowd and a smaller amp if this is going to be a hobby.


Believe it or not, you should do some research on necks before buying an electric guitar. You need to make sure that your electric guitar’s neck is rigid, tight, and sturdy. Electrics tend to have bolt-on necks and these are usually easily repairable. However, some can come with C-shaped, thin, or even wide necks so it’s important that you do research on the guitar that you would like to buy.


For electric guitars, the stop-tail and the tremolo are the two main types of bridges that you can find on an electric guitar. Also known as a whammy bar, these tremolo bridges help you bend all of the strings on your guitar at once. This is something you should look for when buying an electric guitar. While they aren’t required, they are definitely recommended if you’re going to become a serious guitarist.

Cost and Quality

Finally, you should consider the quality and the cost of your electric guitar before purchasing it. Just because a guitar is affordable doesn’t mean that it is high-quality and just because it appears to be high-quality doesn’t mean that you should pay top dollar for it. Buying an electric guitar requires a great deal of research and this article should help make the process more seamless.