How To Buy A Guitar

BC Rich

Many aspiring young guitarists struggle with the guitar buying process once they’ve made the decision to become serious about learning the techniques. Its not enough to just go out and buy a guitar at a music store without knowing a bit about what to look for.

how to buy a guitarGuitars are delicate instruments and its almost impossible to find two that are the same. So many things come into question when considering a guitar sale from the buyers perspective.

Does the guitar feel good in your hands?

First off, the feel of the guitar can be quite different. Is the body comfortable both sitting and standing or is it hard to work your hands and arms freely. Also, the neck should be of a diameter that is comfortable to the size of your hands and lengths of your fingers. How far are the strings from the fret board? Are the strings easily pressed to make contact with the frets?

If they’re too far above the fret surface it can be very painful to your fingertips. Especially if you’re new to the guitar and haven’t built up any calluses as yet. Strings that are too high above the fret board will be difficult to press down and in many cases will buzz as a result. An important consideration when deciding where to buy a guitar.

How does it sound?

How a guitar sounds is a personal aspect that can’t be realized when you buy a guitar online or find guitars for sale on the web. This is a definite advantage when you buy a guitar at a music store. That’s not to say it can’t or shouldn’t be done on the internet but it is obviously something that can only be accomplished if you are in the same room.

Also, some guitar players live in outer lying areas and can’t make it to a brick and mortar music store to make such a decision. This is a problem only they can deal with when trying to find where to buy a guitar.

However, many times you can arrange for a sales person who is a professional that could make this decision for you based on your preferences for the sound expected by you.

Naturally, it is still not going to be personal but the chances are, if you trust this person, you will end up with an acceptable product. If not, perhaps you can make an arrangement to return the product upon an unsatisfactory inspection.

Sound can vary a great degree from a thin treble prominent tone to a deep bass tone. This can be a result of string size as well as body size and also will vary from electric guitar to acoustic or classical guitar.

Electric, Acoustic or Bass Guitar?

Obviously deciding where to buy a guitar can be affected by what type of guitar you are looking for. The best option is to find an outlet that has a large selection of the particular type you are looking for.

If you play the electric guitar you’ll want to find a source that can provide you with a large selection of major brand names like Fender, Gibson, Ibanez, Yamaha and others of the same caliber. These are the premiere guitar manufacturers and have a reputation for building a premium product with well rounded sound and comfort.

This is also true for bass guitars although a couple of additional name brands would be Peavey and Warwick. With acoustic guitars you might look into Martin and Takamine as well. Try to stay away from stores that only carry one or two brands unless they are a specialty store and carry the brand you are looking for.

This should get you started on your quest to find your guitar of choice, so ‘happy giggin’ and remember its all about fun!